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Power Bank FB-Bar

The Power Bar can overheat, posing a fire hazard.

Category: Small Electrical       Brand: Power Bank / Power Bar

Poundland In-car USB Charger

Poundland is recalling some In-Car USB Chargers they have sold. Due to a soldering fault the affected USB chargers can overheat.

Category: Small Electrical       Brand: Poundland

Nokia 2520 AC-300 Charger

Under certain conditions, the plastic cover of the charger’s exchangeable plug could come loose and separate. If loose and separated, certain internal components may cause an electric shock if touched while the plug remains in the live socket.

Category: Phones       Brand: Nokia

Futuba Mains Charger P-FBC30D/4, P-FBC32D/4, F-FBC35D/4

Serious risk of fire and electric shock due to product not meeting the required standard.

Category: Small Electrical       Brand: Futuba / Ripmax

EE Power Bar

They are taking this action because they are aware of a very small number of further incidents where Power Bars have overheated in circumstances that could cause a fire safety risk.

Category: Small Electrical       Brand: EE Power Bars

Duracell Batteries DL123A, DL223A

Duracell has identified a random assembly defect in a very small number of these batteries which may lead to severe overheating of the battery.

Category: Small Electrical       Brand: Duracell

CMP Charger CMP 2000

A potential safety issue has been identified with regard to our CMP 2000 charger range (used on Mobility Wheelchairs, Scooters, Leisure) which may in certain circumstances catch fire.

Category: Small Electrical       Brand: CMP

Black and Decker Lawnmower charger GRC730, GRC750, GRC450, GFC2438, GFC1234, GFC1238

This issue does not affect the lawnmower, only the charger. Possible fire risk. Program to replace ALL chargers supplied with the model numbers listed.

Category: Other       Brand: Black and Decker


Aldi is recalling some Tevion Universal Power Adaptors they have sold. The internal wiring of the mains plug is faulty and poses a safety hazard.

Category: Small Electrical       Brand: ALDI

Medela SMALL ELECTRICAL B-Well Steam Sterilisers

Medela is recalling some of their B-Well Steam Sterilisers because of a risk of an electric shock.

Category: Small Electrical       Brand: Medela

Yamaha Keyboard Mains Adapter KPA1/3, KPA3

It has come to our attention that a small number of KPA1/3 and KPA3 Adaptors have been found to have faulty live or neutral pins.

Category: Small Electrical       Brand: Yamaha

Wild Things Game Boy Charger HKA-753OEC-230

As a precautionary measure and in order to ensure consumer safety, Wild Things is voluntarily recalling the above products that have been sold through HMV stores and other retail outlets

Category: Small Electrical       Brand: Wild Things

Universal Electronics Remote Control Extender Adapter

Fuse failure may cause overheating and a potential safety risk.

Category: Small Electrical       Brand: Universal Electronics / One For All (UK) Ltd

Travelmasters Travel Adapters

Travelmasters Continental Mosquito Killer - 5014716000020 Travelmasters USA/Australia/Canada/ New Zealand Travel Adapter - 5014716000266 Travelmasters USA/Canada Mosquito Killer - 5014716000099 Travelmasters Continental Travel Adapter - 5014716000013

Category: Small Electrical       Brand: Travelmasters

Poundland World Travel Adapter

Trading Standards have found stock that does not have the correct insulation on the plug.

Category: Small Electrical       Brand: Poundland

NEC Mobile Phone MRD-ADM-0004-05

Members of the public who own a NEC G9 or G9D+ mobile phone, together with a rapid charger manufactured by Potrans are advised of additional safety precautions. The advice is given in order to avoid risk of the battery charger overheating.

Category: Phones       Brand: NEC

Maplin Electronics Voltage Converter MW2P100

Maplin Electronics Ltd, supplier of the above product, is recalling all samples due to a safety fault.

Category: Small Electrical       Brand: Maplin Electronics

IBM AC Adapter Type 2600, Type 2611

IBM is voluntarily recalling AC adapters that were supplied with two IBM mobile devices. Some of these AC adapters have exhibited signs of overheating and may pose a hazard.

Category: Computers       Brand: IBM

IBM Power Adapter A40910B

A fault has been found with some sample adapters where the two pieces of plastic enclosing the electrics are not adequately fastened together and could come apart which may cause a potential shock hazard.

Category: Small Electrical       Brand: IBM

HP LS-15 AC Power cord

Black AC power cord provided with notebook and mini notebook computers and accessories such as docking stations between September 2010 and June 2012. Risk of cable overheating, presenting a risk of fire and burns.

Category: Small Electrical       Brand: HP (Hewlett Packard)

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