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Superdrug Hair Irons 387932

Pink hair styling irons labelled as "ghd" which were sold in Superdrug stores between Sunday 3rd August, and Wednesday 17th September 2008 are COUNTERFEIT and may breach minimum electrical safety standards and therefore risk serious injury and/or damage to property.

Category: Small Electrical       Brand: Superdrug

TRESemmé Philips Hairdryer HP4829

In very rare cases, the hairdryer can overheat when left plugged into the electrical connection. This poses, a potential fire hazard, even when the appliance is switched off.

Category: Small Electrical       Brand: TRESemmé Philips


We have discovered a potential safety problem with the power cable on the above Ionic Hairdryer. In a very small number of cases the power cable when in use could cause an electrical safety hazard.

Category: Small Electrical       Brand: ALDI

Philips Hot Air Brush HP 4406

A warning to owners of the Phillips Hot Air Brush, model HP 4406, has appeared in an advert, which says that the model may develop faults after a period of usage which could be a safety risk.

Category: Small Electrical       Brand: Philips

Micromart Tower Fan MM30142, MM53597

Tower Fan with Timer / Tower Fan with Remote Control Micromark has identified a possible fault with the above fans that, with extensive continuous use, could cause the product to overheat and pose a potential fire risk.

Category: Other       Brand: Micromart

Super Home Power Extension

One metre extension lead with 2 mains plug sockets and 4 USB output sockets. Packaged in clear plastic with printed cardboard backing. Risk: Electric shock and Fire

Category: Small Electrical       Brand: Super Home Power

Masterplug Cable reel 13A 30 Metre, 10A 50 Metre, 13A 50 Metre

We have identified that under certain circumstances there can be a risk to customer safety, including a potential risk of electric shock.

Category: Small Electrical       Brand: Masterplug

Welkin DVD Player 270030320, 360010040, 360010050

As part of Woolworths ongoing product testing programme we have identified a possible risk that the battery pack in the Welkin 7" Portable DVD Player T516 may overheat causing a potential fire hazard.

Category: Home Cinema       Brand: Welkin

Hitachi DVD Player PDV302

Further to ongoing quality control testing we have identified that in a limited number of cases, a potential component fault in the battery pack may cause it to overheat.

Category: Home Cinema       Brand: Hitachi

Nikon Digital Camera Coolpix 2000

It has been discovered that in rare circumstances during normal use, severe overheating may occur within the battery chamber of this product, sufficient to result in the melting of the outside casing.

Category: HiFi / Multimedia       Brand: Nikon


In extremely rare cases, this may cause the battery to overheat and the exterior casing to become deformed.

Category: HiFi / Multimedia       Brand: Nikon

Kodak Digital Camera DC5000

Kodak, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, is voluntarily recalling the DC5000 Zoom Digital Cameras due to a possible electrical shock hazard.

Category: HiFi / Multimedia       Brand: Kodak

Dimplex Dehumidifier DXDH10N, DIMOC, DH212

A component on the PCB (printed circuit board) can overheat due to contact with an internal wire and/or dust on the component causing a risk of fire.

Category: Small Electrical       Brand: Dimplex

Boots SMALL ELECTRICAL 47-15-187

We've discovered that, due to a manufacturing defect, a small number of these products may not have adequate ventilation. This could lead to the unit overheating.

Category: Small Electrical       Brand: Boots


Despite rigorous quality control procedures it has been brought to B&Q’s attention that in some instances the product poses a potential fire safety risk.

Category: Small Electrical       Brand: B&Q


B&Q has identified a safety issue with the B&Q Airforce 20 Litres / Day Dehumidifier. In some instances this product may pose a potential fire risk.

Category: Small Electrical       Brand: B&Q

Maxfield MAX-DECT Skype Phone

We have become aware that the 2 pin to 3 pin mains adapter supplied with this product has the potential to cause an electrical or fire safety risk.

Category: Phones       Brand: Maxfield

Sony Ericsson Charger CST-13

There is a small risk of component failure within the product which could result in a pressure build up inside the charger. As a result of the build up, the top plastic part of the charger could break off with the danger of hitting a person, exposing live wiring within the unit and leading to a risk of electric shock Continue Reading

Category: Phones       Brand: Sony Ericsson

Sony Camcorder Battery Pack

Sony has discovered that some of these battery packs may overheat while being recharged.

Category: HiFi / Multimedia       Brand: Sony

Sony Vaio Laptops

Sony is recalling 440,000 Vaio laptop computers worldwide because of wiring faults that could cause overheating.

Category: Computers       Brand: Sony

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