Packard Bell EasyNote MX36, MX37, MX51, MX52

Category: Computers
Product name: Packard Bell EasyNote MX36, MX37, MX51, MX52
Brand: Packard Bell
Model number:

MX36, MX37, MX51, MX52

Serial number range:
Recall date(s): 04/09/2010

These batteries, which were manufactured by a third party in 2007 and subsequently supplied to Packard Bell, can potentially fail after prolonged usage. In rare instances the battery failure may pose a risk of overheating or fire.


Could cause a fire

What to do:

1.Save and close all open programs.
2.Shutdown your operating system and switch off your notebook.
3.Unplug your power supply from the electric outlet.
4.Remove the battery from the notebook (refer to the owners manual for the proper battery removal process).
5.On one side of the battery pack you will find a sticker with the battery serial number. The battery serial number is made up of 32 alphanumeric characters (i.e. T12L69607G016QG1864M00A1A72854DE). Locate Battery S/N
6.Write down the battery serial number.
7.Locate the notebook serial number, as shown in the attached picture. The serial number is comprised of 12 digits. Locate System S/N
8.Write down the notebook serial number.

Please visit the website to input your serial number if you are affected by this recall.