About UK Recall

The UK's first central register
The Retail Ombudsman was set up to help resolve disputes between retailers and consumers and is now the dominant alternative dispute resolution scheme in the retail sector.

Following a number of complaints it became apparent that a central register of electrical appliances owned by consumers was needed. The Retail Ombudsman therefore launched UK Recall to plug this important gap to facilitate the delivery of important recall information and safety alerts to consumers .

Why Register

Your safety is paramount
Electrical appliances are one of the most common causes of house fires - they are therefore prone to developing faults which can result in fire. Your home insurer will have the right to refuse a payout if it transpires that you have failed to register your electrical appliances and therefore not followed manufacturer's instructions when issued.

By registering with UK Recalls you will be immediately alerted if the manufacturer of the individual appliances you register issue a recall or safety notice. We will also ensure that you are registered on the manufacturers database.

How It Works

Quick and simple process.
You can register all of your electrical appliances by simply clicking on the appropriate box on the home page and then following the onscreen instructions.

Following registration you will receive confirmation of your registration(s) and will then be kept informed of any recall or safety alerts affecting your appliance(s). You can also
search our comprehensive database of recalls.